Category: Urotensin-II Receptor

Interestingly, activated PKD1 quickly dissociates from your plasma membrane, returns to the cytoplasm, and accumulates in the nucleus. PAK inhibitors did not interfere with G protein-coupled receptor activation-induced quick translocation of PKD1 to the plasma membrane but strikingly prevented the dissociation of PKD1 from your plasma membrane and blunted the phosphorylation of nuclear targets, including […]
Pcyt2 was phosphorylated within the -specific motif that is spliced out in Pcyt2 and on two PKC consensus serine residues, Ser-215 and Ser-223. activity of endogenous Pcyt2 were dramatically improved with phorbol esters and reduced by specific PKC inhibitors. translated Pcyt2 was phosphorylated by PKC, PKCI, and PKCII. Pcyt2 Ser-215 was also directly phosphorylated with […]