Category: Oxidative Phosphorylation

As expected, the inactivated methoxy-capped regions (MeO, nonfluorescent, black) exhibit little chemical reactivity or non-specific binding as previously reported.30, 36 Open in a separate window Figure 2 (a, b) Scanned fluorescence images for (a) patterned protein A-TAMRA and (b) patterned fluorescein-PEG hapten on NHS/MeO patterned commercial polymer microarray slide surfaces; (c-e) fluorescence images of surface-bound […]
After washing three times with ELISA wash buffer: 1XPBS/ 0.1% Tween (Thermo MAPK13-IN-1 Fisher Scientific Inc), serum samples obtained by orbital bleeding from mice with tumors expressing luc2 were diluted 1:100 in 1XPBS/1% BSA, and incubated for an hour. 8?weeks after injection (p? ?0.01), whereas a significant increase in weight above baseline was not observed […]